Why Programming

  Why Programming Language?

  • Computer cannot understand our Native language like English, French, Chinese, Hindi, etc… It will only understand Binary Language (Machine Language) and as Humans, we don’t understand binary so easily.So we need now an intermediate solution like Programming Language.
  • A programmer needs a programming language to develop an application.
  • An Application is collection of meaning instructions so perform a specific task.
  • When an application is executed, data is inputted to it and the same flow through the instructions and generates output. As a developer when you are supposed to write an application, you have to instruct the computer to perform an action as per your needs.
  • Types of Programming

    1. System Programming.

    a. Programs which are between OS and Hardware

    b. Eg: Device Drivers

    2. Application Programming.

    a. Programs which are between user and the OS.

    b. Eg: Notepad, Calculator, Paintbrush and so on.Introduction of

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