Introduction to Pointers

Understanding Pointers:

Computer’s Memory:
A PC’s RAM consists of many thousands of sequential storage locations, and each location is identified by a unique address. The memory addresses in a given computer range from 0 to a maximum value that depends on the amount of memory installed.
When you’re using your computer, the operating system uses some of the system’s memory. When you’re running a program, the programs code (the machine-language instructions for the program’s various tasks) and data (the information the program is using) also use some of the system’s memory.
Declaring and Initializing Pointers:
Consider the Declaration: int i =10;
1) The declaration tells compiler to:
2) Reserve space in memory to hold integer.
3) Associate the name “i” with this memory location.
4) Store value 10 at this location.

  • Address of operator:

1.’&’ is used as address of operator. The expression &i returns the address of i, which is 64532.

  • Value at address:

2.’* ‘is used as value at address of operator.*(&i) gives the value 10.

  • Here printing the valueof *(&i) is same as value of i.
  • The address of i i.e. &i can be collected in a variable j.
  • j = &i
  • Here j is not an ordinary variable. It is variable that contains the address of i.
  • This variable j can be declared as int *j. This is a pointer variable.

Pointers and variable types:

Declaration of pointers
int *p_vint, vint;
char *p_vchar, vchar;
float *p_vfloat, vfloat;

Initialization of pointers
p_vint = &vint;
p_vchar = &vchar;
p_vfloat = &vfloat;

int pointer variable point to the variable of type int. Same is true for char and float pointer variable.

  • The declaration float* ptr doesn’t mean that ptr is going to contain floating point value, What it means that ptr is going to contain address of floating point value.



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