Array of strings

Declaring array of pointers:

char *message[];

  • Each element of the array message[] is an individual pointer to type char. You can combine the declaration with initialization and allocation of storage space for the strings:

char *message[10] = { “one”, “two”, “three” };

This declaration does the following:
1.It allocates a 10-element array named message; each element of message is a pointer of type char.
2.It allocates space somewhere in memory (exactly where doesn’t concern you) and stores the three initialization strings, each with a terminating null character.
3.It initializes message[0] to point to the first character of the string “one”, message[1] to point to the first character of the string “two”, and message[2] to point to the first character of the string “three”.
Program to concatenate all the strings in a string array.


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